Our studio is located in the seaside town of Choczewo, Pierwszych Osadników Street no. 51.

Here you can watch our ceramics manufacturing process and see our product gallery. You can also try your hand at pottery and make your own product.

We have prepared our ceramics workshops having in mind all those looking for interesting ways to spend free time, seeking out new challenges and willing to develop themselves in a creative way.

The type and pace of work are adjusted individually to each workshop participant. Therefore, we do not organise training courses at exactly specified times. We do not devise special training programmes and impose topics to be covered.

During our workshops you will learn:

  • basic techniques and methods of shaping and modelling (slab-building, pinching, coil-building, forming from clay balls, forming in plaster moulds etc.)
  • engobes and glazes, types of glazes, glazing methods
  • basic decoration techniques (extruding, embossing, obtaining textures from different materials)

Our workshops are intended for everyone, regardless of age, gender or skills, and all necessary materials will be waiting for you in our studio.
We would also like to recommend workshops combined with accommodation at the seaside.