Wenaart.com Internet Web Site Terms & Conditions

I General Provisions

1. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on the Provision of Services by Electronic Means, Pracownia Plastyczna Aurora, ul. Pierwszych Osadników 51, 84-210 Choczewo, NIP: 588-175-16-47, REGON: 220487948, hereinafter referred to as the Services Provider/Seller, hereby sets the following Terms & Conditions of the Provision of Services by Electronic Means.
2. These Terms & Conditions are available free of charge on the Internet website at www.wenaart.pl (the Site).
3. These Terms and Conditions set out the rules and technical requirements for the provision of services by electronic means by the Services Provider/Seller via the Site and represent at the same time the terms and conditions of the provision of services by electronic means for the purposes of art. 8 of the Act on the Provision of Services by Electronic Means of 18th July 2002 (LJ of 2002, no 144, item 1204, as amended).
4. Allowing the use of the Site is a service provided by electronic means by the Services Provider/Seller.
5. All products offered for sale on the Site and/or in the catalogue are handmade/handicraft products. Due to the specificity of the manufacture of handicraft product series, products from the same series may slightly differ, which is normal and results from the specific nature of handicraft product manufacturing process.
6. Each User is required to read the Site Terms & Conditions before he/she starts using the Site. By starting using the services, the User accepts these Terms & Conditions.
7. The following shall be made available to the User free of charge by the Services Provider through the Site:
a. to enable the User to browse the Services Provider’s product catalogue,
b. to enable the User to view seaside accommodation options recommended by the Services Provider,
c. to enable the User to view and read the content included by the Service Provider on the Site.

II Definitions

1. “Services Provider” means the owner of this Site, namely Izabela Urbowska Pracownia Plastyczna Aurora ul. Pierwszych Osadników 51, 84-210 Choczewo, NIP: 588-175-16-47, REGON: 220487948.
2. “User” means an entity (a natural person, legal person or unincorporated entity) that complies with the Terms & Conditions and uses the services supplied through the Site.
3. “Site” means the Internet website under the name of www.wenaart.pl, available at www.wenaart.pl, maintained by the Services Provider.
4. “Consumer” means a natural person who transacts legal business with an entrepreneur, such legal business not being directly connected with that person’s business or professional activity.
5. “Seller” means a natural person operating under the business name of Pracownia Plastyczna Aurora ul. Pierwszych Osadników 51, 84-210 Choczewo, NIP: 588-175-16-47, REGON: 220487948.
6. “Client” means any entity purchasing a product/ware displayed on the Site.
7. “Product/ware” means a movable thing/service, displayed on the Site, being the object of a sales contract between the Client and the Seller.
8. “Service” means a service provided by the Service Provider to the User under these Terms & Conditions.
9. “Terms & Conditions” means these Internet Web Site Terms & Conditions.

III Technical Requirements

1. To ensure proper and full functionality of the Site, the following are required: an end-user device which has access to the Internet and a browser allowing cookies such as, at the minimum, Internet Explorer 13 or Chrome 83 or Firefox 76 or Opera 68 or Microsoft Edge or their upgraded versions. The use of the Site may be subject to installing/enabling Java, Java Script and accepting cookies.
2. The Seller uses cookie files to collect information related to how the Site is used by the User to ensure that the Site works properly on the User’s devices.

IV General Information

1. No User account is needed to be created in order to use the services provided by the Service Provider.
2. When using the Site, the Users are required to act in accordance with law as well as generally accepted standards of use (the netiquette).
3. Any use by the User of the services in a way that infringes upon any reasonable interests of the Service Provider or any third party is prohibited.
4. All rights in the content available on the Site are protected and reserved to the Services Provider under, in particular, the Act on the copyright and related rights.
5. The Services Provider hereby notifies that the information contained on the Site is for reference and promotion only and cannot be treated as legally binding between the Services Provider and the User.
6. The User hereby acknowledges and accepts that despite all available measures being taken by the Services Provider, there is no security system that can guarantee full protection against unauthorised actions by third parties. The Services Provider shall not be held liable, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any disruptions, including temporary suspension of the Site resulting from force de majeure, unauthorised actions or failure to act by third parties or a lack of compatibility between the Site and the User’s technical infrastructure.
7. All prices given on the Site are in Polish zlotys and inclusive of VAT.

V Placing Orders

The User/Consumer may place an order by contacting the Services Provider as follows:
a. by sending an email to the address provided on the Site,
b. by clicking “Contact us”
c. by phoning on the number provided on the Site.

VI Available Methods of Payment and Delivery

The following methods of delivery or order pickup are available to the User/Consumer:
a. postal service,
b. courier service,
c. in-store pickup at: Choczewo, ul. Pierwszych Osadników 51
The following method of payment is available to the User/Consumer:
a. transfer of payment to the Services Provider/Seller’s bank account.

VII Right to Withdraw from Contract

1. The User/Consumer has the right to withdraw from a sales contract within 14 days without giving a reason. In order for the notice of withdrawal from the sales contract to be effectively given, it is enough to send the said notice by post to the Services Provider registered office address or by email to the email address given on the Site before the expiry of the 14-day period.
2. The period referred to in point 1. above starts running from the moment the product is delivered to the User/Consumer or to any person designated by the User/Consumer other than a carrier.
3. The User/Consumer shall bear the costs of returning the Product/Ware, including any costs he/she has to bear where the Product/Ware, due to its specific features, such as fragility, could not be returned by post.
4. When returning the Product/Ware, the Client has to ensure that it is secured well so as to prevent it from breaking during transit.
5. The Seller shall return amounts paid by and received from the Consumer within 14 (fourteen) days counting from the day on which the Seller was notified that the Consumer decided to exercise his/her right to withdraw from the contract.
6. The Seller may withhold the payment of the sum paid by and to be returned to the Consumer until the time he/she receives the Product/Ware back.
7. Where the Consumer selects a method of delivery of the Product/Ware other than that offered by the Seller, the Seller is not obligated to reimburse the Consumer for any extra costs incurred by the Consumer.

VIII Complaints

1. If the Product/Ware is found NOT to be in conformity with the contract, the Client being the Consumer has the right to lodge a complaint under the Polish Civil Code provisions pertaining to product warranty and should notify the product non-conformity to the Seller.
2. Complaints should be sent by post to the Seller’s registered office or by email to the email address given on the Site.
3. The Seller is obligated to handle the complaint within 14 days from the filing thereof and where for the purposes of assessing whether or not the product conforms with the sales contract it is necessary to deliver the product in respect of which the complaint has been made, within 14 days from the receipt of the product by the Seller.
4. If the complaint is recognised, the defective product shall be forthwith repaired or replaced with a new and conforming product. Where repairing or replacing the product is not possible or considerably hindered, the Seller shall return the equivalent of the price paid by the Client as agreed by him/her or offer another product available for sale on the Site.
5. The liability of the Seller towards clients who are not consumers for any defects of the Products under warranty shall be excluded.

 IX Privacy Policy

See our Privacy Policy

X Final Provisions

1. The Services Provider/Seller reserves the right to review and revise these Terms & Conditions due to important reasons. Any changes to the Terms & Conditions shall become effective 7 days after publishing the amended Terms & Conditions on the Site.
2. In the case of any changes to these Terms & Conditions, the changes shall be duly notified to the Client/User, including through a notice specifying the changes published on the Site.
3. Should the User not accept the new content of the Terms & Conditions, he/she is required to notify the fact to the Services Provider/Seller before such Terms & Conditions become effective. A notice of the refusal to accept the changes should be send to the Seller within 14 calendar days from the publication of the changes to the Terms & Conditions on the Site.
4. Failure to notify the refusal to accept the changes within the time limit specified above shall be tantamount to accepting the changes by the User.
5. Generally applicable provisions of the Polish law shall apply to any and all matters not regulated by these Terms & Conditions. Any disputes related to the provision of services under contracts concluded through the Site shall be resolved by competent Polish courts of general jurisdiction. The competent court for any and all disputes with entrepreneurs shall be a court of local jurisdiction for the registered office of the Seller.