We would like to tell you something about ourselves.
To do so, we will answer two questions we are asked most frequently.

How did we start?

We began with a long period of trial and errors. We had to learn about techniques and materials used in making ceramics. Our experience has been gathered thanks to many years of work and experiments. We have always wanted to do something that would be both creative and useful.

What are the steps in ceramics process and how long does the process take?

  • It takes a lot of patience and humbleness to make ceramics. Ceramics do not like haste.
  • At first, there is an idea, then a design based on which a model is created. Next, with the model ready, a mould is made and it needs to be left to dry. Here you wait for the first time.
  • We begin casting using pottery slip (a liquid form of clay) and we wait.
  • We cast, clean and wait again- this time longer, as the clay needs to dry.
  • Next, we proceed to firing for the first time. And we wait until the kiln cools down.
  • We glaze and fire again. And wait patiently until the kiln cools down.

That last waiting is always the longest for us because it brings the final result.

It was not always as we had expected- there were cracks, too much or not enough glaze, not quite as expected.
Each item goes through at least five basic stages throughout the process.

Today, we have already learnt how to manage ceramics and we owe it to our experience gained over years of experiments and work. The ceramics can still surprise us, though, and sometimes show us that it has a life of its own.

As you can see, the process of making ceramics is pretty time-consuming, but if you take up the challenge, the effect can be truly rewarding.

And so, inspired by the world around us, we continue to develop our workshop and improve our technique and offer for you using our imagination and drawing on our experience.