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We have been making handmade fine art ceramics in our studio since 2007, creating a wide range of figures, candlesticks, cake stands, fruit bowls and different kinds of ceramic accessories and pottery.

As time went by, we gathered experience in designing and manufacturing functional ceramics, pottery as well as objects of a purely decorative character.

It takes about three weeks for each our product to be made from the very beginning to the finishing touches. Each product is hand-modelled and then fired, glazed and fired again. A very careful selection of clay, glaze and engobe is to guarantee the best effects at all times.

Our ceramic candlesticks and clocks are distinguished by a diversity of colours. Each ceramic bull, unicorn, cat or chameleon figure has an original design and is handmade.

If you are looking for elegant colourful ceramics and unique decorations, our website is ideal for the purpose. Our ceramics can also make an exceptional present for anybody on any occasion. We are certain that a person given our handicraft as a gift will be delighted with its originality and beauty.